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Mark Pollock 
Expenders   (2006)
JY009 Junkyard Records

$ 9.99 plus $1.35 shipping

Mark Pollock & The Big Spenders
Get What You Deserve   (2002)
JY008 Junkyard Records

This EP is no longer available.
The 4 tracks are now included in the new
2006 release, Expenders (JY009)

Mark Pollock & The Big Spenders
Mark Pollock & The Big Spenders (2000)
JY007 Junkyard Records
$ 9.99 plus $1.35 shipping
Mark Pollock
Corridors of Light (1998)
JY005 Junkyard Records
$ 9.99 plus $1.35 shipping
Mark Pollock
Burning in Your Bones (1997)
JY004 Junkyard Records
$ 9.99 plus $1.35 shipping
Various Artists (Compilation)
Junkyard Christmas!  (1996)
JY003 Junkyard Records
$ 9.99 plus $1.35 shipping

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      the usual $1.35 per disc for shipping.  (I don't make any profit on the shipping, that's actually the 
      cost of sending a CD in the continental US.  As a matter of fact, at $9.99 for each CD, I'm not
      making any profit actually selling the CD.  But that's not your problem, now is it.)  Of course, I
      could just keep your check and send you nothing.  But I won't do that.  It's all about trust.
3.   You can order all four full-length Mark Pollock CD's from , a big distributor of
      music by great and talented independent artists (or in our case, just independent artists), and they
      accept credit cards and everything.  I only make about $6.00 out of the $10 that they charge, but
      you know, it's worth it to have a world-wide marketplace out there.  You can also listen to
      MP3 tracks here and even write a review of the album if you're so inclined.  To find each CD on
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If you want to contact the crew at Junkyard Productions to tell us how much you love our web page or our CD's, or if you're a big record company that wants to sue us, send an e-mail to junkyrd@junkyrd.com and we promise every message will be answered. We also have a section for reviews, which I can't find right now, where we put all our nice blurbs that newspaper reviewers have written, but we'll be happy to include any comments from anyone else, too, even if you think our stuff really sucks! We're not proud. Any publicity is good publicity.  It really doesn't suck, though.