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Nothing For Breakfast

Mercy Bound

You Say

Snatch It Back

The Road to Nowhere

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Better Way of Living

After the Prom

Mercy Bound

Something Real

The Road to Nowhere

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The new full-length CD, "Mark Pollock & The Big Spenders", is now available at gigs
or you can order here from the
Order Page. The new CD has new 14 songs, including the 6 already-released
tunes from the EP-CD (
JY006), plus 8 new songs recorded at PowerHouse Studios in
Lunenburg; the earlier six were remixed along with the mixes for the new 8, and all remastered
at New Reflections Studios in Nashville by Jim Lightman, who engineered the "Corridors of Light"
sessions back in 1998. Guest musicians include tenor sax player Andrew Clark from PapaSax,
and percussionists Buddy MacLellan and Bobby Hickman.

Tracks included on Mark Pollock & The Big Spenders:

1. Heart of Gold 8. Finger on the Trigger
2. Nothing For Breakfast 9. In That One Moment
3. Mercy Bound 10. I Don't Think My World Will End Right Here
4. You Say 11. Be My Home
5. Something Real 12. I Keep My Fingers Crossed
6. The Road to Nowhere 13. Snatch It Back and Hold It
7. Better Way of Living 14. After The Prom