3- or 4-pane Window  with original photograph………………… $ 80.00

6-pane Window  with original photograph………………… $ 100.00

Cabinet Window  with original photograph………………… $ 125.00

Available pre-made Windows can be viewed here.

 Original photographs that can be mounted in a Window to the World can be viewed here.


We will also create a window with the customer’s original photograph for the same price.
(Note: non-original photos will not be considered unless the customer
owns the reproduction copyrights to the image.)

For an additional $50 fee, we will photograph a scene of the customer’s choice
 for use in mounting behind a Window to the World.  This service is available
only in a 50-mile radius around the Greater Boston area.

Also Available:

8 x 10 Framed Photographs from the Gallery.......................  $30.00
5 x 7 Framed Photographs from the Gallery...........  $20.00
Unframed Prints from the Gallery............ $10.00

You can also purchase a Junkyard Productions window or print by attending
 one of the many New England area craft shows at which we will be appearing.
Click Here to see scheduled craft show appearances.

Shipping Charges:

All products will be shipped UPS ground unless specified otherwise.
Charges will depend upon weight of product shipped and insurance charges.
There is no markup for UPS delivery charges.
Products can be delivered by Junkyard Productions to New England locations
for a negotiable charge. Customer can pick up a product in Brockton, MA for free.

Warranty Information:

All windows, framed prints, and prints are unconditionally guaranteed for 90 days from date of purchase.
Please check the physical condition of your product at time of purchase or delivery.
Any physical damage or abuse not present at the time of sale, or failure to following proper
 mounting or cleaning procedures for windows (included with window purchase),
voids the warranty.  If your window requires repair or replacement,
 call Junkyard Productions at (508) 930-7145 to make arrangements.

Payment Options

Junkyard Productions accepts cash, personal checks, postal or bank money orders, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. 
Products purchased with a personal check will require check clearance before products are shipped.
Personal checks or money orders should be made out to Junkyard Productions.
All products purchased and shipped within Massachusetts must pay MA sales tax of 5%.

To inquire about purchasing a product, email us at
or call Mark Pollock at (508) 930-7145