The following items are privately-owned and not for sale.
Items that are available for sale are shown below.
Last update: May 22, 2005

The following items are currently available for sale.
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Note: any of the items in the SOLD section can be recreated
in another window frame. Add a couple of weeks to time of completion.
Unusually-sized frames, such as long cabinet frames or smaller 4-pane frames
are subject to availability restrictions.

All windows are created from original photographs, inserted behind
old-style sash windows saved from junk piles, mostly outside of houses
where new windows had recently been installed.  The windows are then
left exposed in my back yard to weather for a number of months.
All glass is then removed and cleaned for later reinsertion.
All remaining glaze, finish and/or paint is then removed, and the wood
is sanded and/or stained.  Some windows are left in a natural state without
stain if the wood looks nice.  Photos are opened in Photoshop at 600 dpi,
and undergo color and contrast correction.  The image is then enlarged to
the interior size of the glass for the target window sash; guide lines are
inserted to indicate the intersection of the interior wood panels.  This
creates an image file size somewhere in the range of 500-1000 Megs.
The image is then cropped along the guide lines, and each individual panel
is printed out, using an Epson 2200 Photo Printer on Epson photo paper,
9 mils thick, which should last over 70 years with proper maintenance. 
 All prints are hung to dry for 24 hours, then adhered to a foamcore backing. 
Each panel is then reassembled and secured with metal glazing points.